[News]SM issues apology for Kang-in assault

Boy band Super Junior's management agency has released a statement containing member Kang-in's apology for engaging in a fight last week which led him to be booked for assault.

"I am very sorry for causing trouble as a public figure and want to apologize repeatedly to everyone who has been worrying about me. I will not let this happen again," the 24-year-old singer was quoted as saying in the statement on Monday.

SM Entertainment explained that Kang-in got into the scuffle while trying to defend himself from a man who continuously tried to pick a fight.

Earlier in the day, police confirmed Kang-in was physically involved in the assault between himself and six others at a bar early Wednesday. The singer had denied being violent.

"The charges apply since we confirmed Kang-in was violent toward a man but in a way it is not entirely deserved because that man constantly followed around Kang-in to try and pick a fight," another official at Seoul Gangnam Police Station, in charge of the investigation, had told Asia Economic Daily.

However, he said all seven men engaged in the brawl will be turned over to prosecution for indictment since the issue is in regards to the law.

Kang-in is a vocal of the popular 13-member group which debuted in 2005.


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