[NEWS]UEE makes her debut in You’re Beautiful

After School's UEE will finally make her debut on episode four of SBS' You're Beautiful (미남이시네요), scheduled for broadcast on October 15th.

UEE will be playing the role of Yoo He Yi, who is a two-faced top star and also known as the nation's fairy. In the episode, she is on air during a donation program, in which she appears as the sweetest thing to needy children. As soon as the camera's are off air though, He Yi does a complete 180° transformation and turns out to be an extremely arrogant and perhaps even a little evil. She will be bringing "the drama" to this drama.

UEE expressed her feelings about her role:

"This is my first acting debut (Queen Seon Duk was a cameo), so I am very anxious and nervous. I'm however starting to feel the charisma of the character Yoo He Yi. Since Yoo He Yi is a top star, I have been focusing a lot on fashion, accessories, and even the way I speak. Although "Korea's little sister" 'Moon Geun Young' is on another level, I hope to be able to play this role well and someday be called "Korea's little sister" as well."


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    uee is so pretty,fighting uee

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