[News/Video] f(x) Vogue It Up: Behind the Scenes

After recently gracing the pages of Vogue Girl, f(x) has got some new eye candy for fans and nonfans alike with their "making of" video, and they're really rocking the new look! Although f(x)e is still in its rookie stage, it's great to see that all five girls are comfortable in front of the camera and each have their own charm.

Personally, I can't get enough of this look - all five girls easily made the transition from their "LA cHA TA" concept to elegance.

Check out the behind the scenes footage below:

Meanwhile, f(x)'s got the digital single "Chocolate Love" coming up & is rumored to release its first album soon, who's excited?


I am excited for their Choc digital single together with SNSD :).

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