[News/Video] Yunho "CHECKMATE" to be Performed on HTTG drama !

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The drama “Heading To The Ground” starring U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) shows Yunho’s self composed song “CHECKMATE”

Broadcast on 8th, episode 10th of “Heading To The Ground”, in order to find a birthday gift for his younger sister Byul yi, Bong-goon (U-Know Yunho) was seeking around in the shopping mall when accidentally found out a computer store who held a singing contest for all its customers.

Yunho performed his self composed song, “CHECKMATE”. This singing scene was taken in outdoor stage nearby a shopping place in Ilsan, Gyeonggi, with many passerbies joined to watch the performance, the shooting became like an actual concert.

With Yunho’s fantastic stage and good manners, more than 100 people were caught in the filming scene. There were some Chinese and Japanese fans also who cheered on Yunho and was attracting public attention. Despites the restless non-stop shooting since last 4th, Yunho forgot his fatigue and proceed a powerful performance complete with the dance, he was receiving high applause from all the audiences.

Yunho also appeared together with Ara and sang his agency senior BoA’s “Girls On Top”. Ara’s “tone deaf skill” was finally proven through this drama.

With her unique kind of dance, not mention her high pitch that was even surpassed the highest level of tone-deaf, all audiences was finally leaving the shooting scene with laughter.

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