[TRANS] DongBangShinKi/THSK/TVXQ – In the eyes of various celebrities! (Shinhwa,YG,GOD and more)

Dong Bang Shin Ki are the senior singers that we like. They are good at singing, and we also study their dance move and stage performance. We also see them as a role model in term of self-development. – G-Dragon (BigBang)

They have the ability to attract one attention the moment they stepped on stage, and to see their awesome performance even in this economy downturn for music industries, therefore I’m hoping to see many music groups who is the same as Dong Bang Shin Ki, not to take them as imitate target, but to have the same influential ability as them, to brighten up this industries. – Tony An (Former H.O.T member)

Dong Bang Shin Ki dance is full of energy, it will be a pity if they can’t go on ‘Live’. Their live performances would normally attract your full attention unknowingly. – Bae Ji Yeong (Singer)

Seen their performance, though there are still improvement to make, but we also have to praise them for what they have done great too. They are skillful in singing, improved a lot as compare to their debut time. Keep in mind not to rush it will be good. – Kim Jong Seo (Senior rock singer)

While doing some event, many singers would wave and greet to me, but if I missed them, they would normally walked pass. But remember once I didn’t notice Dong Bang Shin Ki were greeting to me, and they actually came closer and greet me, which really amazed me. They are really polite. – Sung Si Kyung (Singer)

Xiah JunSu, his voice is the precious treasure of Asia. – Mazio Kiyoshi

Many had covered our songs, but the one performanced by Xiah JunSu of Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best I have heard. – Big Mama (Powerful girl group)

We do not have anything better than them to give them, instead we have a lot to learn from them. Our lovely younger brothers, Dong Bang Shin Ki. – BUZZ

They are really sincere, though we once work together on variety show, but it’s difficult to see them nowadays. They are a group of youth who put in their best in life. – Park Soo Hong (MBC Famous MC)

If only I’m part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, there isn’t any band that is as strong and reliable as them. – Kim Gun Mo (Debut for 16 years, Korean famous pop artist)

Had some interaction with them before, they are idols who are shining brightly, whose deserve love from others. Therefore keep on working hard, be happy, fighting! – Lee Se Jun (YuRiSangJa)

Before seeing them, they are like the cloud above the sky, but once you get to know them, they are really sincere, never put up an air of a star, very sociable. – MC Lee Kim Seon

Dong Bang Shin Ki, are the singers that I most approve of. – Lee Seung Chul (Singer)

[Dream of Goose] that sang by Hero JaeJoong is the best among others. He is good at singing, with good look, and everyone know that it’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time. As compare to me, they had put in much more. – In Sooni

Senior Dong Bang Shin Ki is very humble, though they are the best group in Asia, but is always modest, someone who I respect of. – FT Island

Dong Bang Shin ki singing skill is the best among all idol groups, and their charisma on stage is also the best. – M.net 21c artist

They are good. From what I remember they always put in their best to socialize with their friendliness. You can always see their smile, and not the tired side of them. To speak the truth, there are still rooms for improvement for their Japanese, not being able to fully express themselves. But they always tried their best in Japan variety show, ask whenever they are unsure, and remember them. They had put in a lot of effort in order to perform well. – Huluya Masayoki

In term of live concert, the one and only singer who I’m impressed of is Dong Bang Shin Ki, they are really awesome! Attend their concert without prejudice, and you will see how good they really are, even if they are not good looking, they can still be the male version of Big Mama. Therefore I wish everyone can see their performance without any prejudice. – Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Ent.)

I had listen to all Dong Bang Shin Ki album, people who never listen to them before will never know how extensive Hero JaeJoong’s voice is, and how perfect his high notes are, how magnetism Xiah JunSu’s vocal is, and will never know how great [ONE] is. – Jiang Min Yang (Popular music commenter)

The Dong Bang Shin Ki everyone know is polite and sincere, a group of very outstanding juniors. – Jung Sun-hee (Comedian, MC)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is the most polite junior – PD of [SHOW! MUSIC TANK]

Seems like they are not aware of their achievement, and as always greeting all the staff politely, they never change. – Reporter of limited TV program

They are the most charming juniors among all others, and definitely showing the best performances. – Eric (Shinhwa)

Dong Bang Shin Ki look charming, is really good. Though they are idol group, but they excel in dancing, singing and appearance. They seems like having fun on stage, even their dance moves are attractive, with charming expressions, looking forwards for them. – GOD

It’s a pity that they are idol group, they never lost to any other groups in term of music. They are the most potential group among others, Xiah JunSu and hero JaeJoong’s vocals are not worse than any other singers. They are a awesome group. – KANJI (Music composer)

They are great, and improved a lot as compare to the past. But people always have prejudice towards idol groups, which is a problem. Besides their great performance on stage they are also talented in many other areas. – Yeban (Singer)

On July 2004, the first time I met Dong Bang Shin Ki, and they left a deep impression in me. Seeing the impact they have on China fans, I’m proud of them for bringing Korea culture oversea. The sweat and hardwork Dong Bang Shin Ki are the purely charisma. – Andre Kim (Famous Designer)

There aren’t many who can sell their album under this economy downturn, but Dong Bang Shin Ki did it. Their fans include not only the 10’s but also the 20’s and 30’s. The dance and singing skill of Dong Bang Shin Ki had been approved in this every changing idol industries. – Nell (South Korea indie rock band)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah i love it how yg family supports them...

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have to agree hands down!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So many people support DBSK.
    Me too, i will always support and love them forever

  4. Anonymous says:

    The moment i saw what the CEO of YG Ent. I was like ... ...
    "and you will see how good they really are, even if they are not good looking"

  5. Anonymous says:

    dbsk jjang........ jaejoong i miss you so much......

  6. Anonymous says:

    i told you YG is all about love..

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry, but i think jaejoong is overrated. junsu and changmin have much stronger voices.

  8. Jaz says:

    Lol you havent seen JJ's voices yet.JJ and junsu's voice is the best vocals.JJ vocals can be changed..he can sing it in a different voice high and low.Both junsu's and JJ's vocals are very stable.His voice is suitable for an genre from ballads to pop to rock.Where as changmin's voice is not as flexible for any genre...as his voice is quite high.Anyway i respect whatever you have to say.:)

  9. Radhika says:

    SPOT ON !! :D

    I love DBSK to death !!

  10. Anonymous says:

    "even if they are not good looking" by the CEO of YG entertainment OO'
    is he blind ?????????! DBSK are really handsome XD

  11. jaejoong oppa has THE best vocals in the whole KPOP industry!!

  12. yeona says:

    WTF?! CEO of YG ent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? not good looking? did you have your glasses on when you saw them? were you really looking at our DBSK that time? and may i know what's good looking to you? GEEEEEEZ! you made me mad at that insult!

  13. jasmin says:

    CEO of YG, just who are your bands? please do tell and i won't support them anymore.

  14. Anonymous says:

    He supported him, can't u see

  15. Anonymous says:

    "he supported him" , who is "him" that is one person. who exactly are you referring to?

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