[Video] B2ST Beast Hot Debut on Music Bank !

B2ST gave a cool performance on their debut single Bad Girl !.You can see them wearing all white outfits like their MV teaser.In the middle of performing their debut song,they did a dance break.Its cool to see gi kwang dancing.So Ladies ~ this is a performance you couldn't miss !.Be prepared to see some eye candy ;).Enjoy the video !.Please leave some comments.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    they are good really something look forward to… but honestly i’m a bit disappointed with the debut song they perform i was expecting they would perform the song from the album teaser i saw recently (i’m not sure about the title but it’s something like Beast Is The B2ST), it has a more strong feel and i love the choreograhy it’s more powerful than this one…..i hope they would perform that some other time….

  3. Anonymous says:

    they look like mature people i mean maybe 20's above
    the other member look likes TOP(bigbang)
    the other one with a blonde hair looks like one of the members of HOT
    the other one again has a hair like one of the members of 2pm

    but i like the song, the dance hehehe

    just notice it though..
    if you think my assessment is overboard or some kind of crazy..
    it's just my opinion..
    don't fight with me please
    :i like them but i like mblaq more

    (but ilove super junior over tvxq hahah
    connection please!!!)


  4. Anonymous says:

    the blonde guy looks like g dragon
    the guy in the very left in the pic looks like suengri
    the guy second from the left looks like daesung

    lol they sortof look like big bang. no offence.

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