[Video] Music Video T-Ara (티아라) & Supernova (초신성) - T.T.L Listen 2 (Time To Love Listen 2) is out !

T-ARA's and Supernova's 12 group porject Music Video is out.Time to love version 2.They did perform this song as the opening of the dream concert.The previous version of this song is perform by only half of the group members of each groups.This time,the second version all of the group members are included.Check this MV out and tell us what you think about it.both T-ARA and Supernova will be promoting this song in all of the music shows.Stay tune.

Video Credits:urasiansourceKpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG ! this song is growing on me ! both versions are ohk .
    I LOVE HYOMIN , JIYEON & SOYEON th most ! :D

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