[Video] SNSD performed "Genie" on Love Concert!

Just as usual SNSD's girls performed their hit song "Tell Me Your Wish" on Love Concert aired today.

But i notice some interesting scenes,the girls' hair is growing,Soo Young's hair is the most obvious among all,but i still think that she suits long hair,Hyo Yeon's hair is black again.

Anyway,i think i shouldn't talk too much,please enjoy SNSD's "Genie" here!

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  1. Wow Love it SNSD JJANG Go go JEssica<_<

  2. Anonymous says:

    though the same song,every performance is always eye catching ^_^

  3. Betty says:

    is fany ok?she's lip singing i'm scared she's not fine :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Some of them look like they've gained a little weight. >.>

  5. Anonymous says:

    A little weight...not enough to be calling them more and not enough to make them any less hot =D

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