[Video] Sunny and Seulong's duet on the M!

Girls' Generation's Sunny who is an MC of the M,had a duet with 2AM's Seulong on the M!
They sing this song with the title of "Miracle" on the show,i think that they have done a really good job singing this song.Their duet is as good as Jessica & Onew's duet.

Suddenly i feel that SNSD's members are really talented,from dancing to MCing,then singing to acting,they are all rounded,that's the reason why they are so popular nowadays,2AM's Seulong is also really talented as well although he is always outshone by his fellow member Jo Kwon!

Have a look at their romantic duet!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    SNSD best

  2. Anonymous says:

    strangely, she sounds more stable as she goes higher. i don't really think their voices match though...

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sunny matches well with Sungmin =)
    But still she sings really well!! Sunny <3!

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