[Info] Kara Vol 2 - Revolution, Tracklist and Description

01. 미스터 (Mister)
02. Wanna (Title Song)
03. 마법 (Magic)
04. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly)
05. Let It Go
06. Take A Bow
07. AHA
08. 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart)
09. Wanna (Instrumental)
10. 마법 (Magic) (Instrumental)

Arising to a girl group that represents Korea after releasing 2 mini albums [Pretty Girl] and [Honey] in the first half of 2009, KARA are due to release their second full album, [Revolution].

The title of the new album [Revolution] captures the meaning of their changes, both musically and visually, and also, the changes could be noticed by the earlier still cuts which have been released before the album release.

The new full album [Revolution] contains 10 tracks, including the title track [Wanna] and 7 other new songs as well as additional bonus tracks. Title track [Wanna] was composed and produced by the same producers, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, of [Pretty Girl] and [Honey], and is considered to be worthy of success hat-trick in addition to their previous hits songs. This track is a pop-dance song, based on speedy yet strong beats, as well as provocative sound. It also contains impressive, wonderful chorus and complete, well thought-out song development with meanings, and further displays the members’ matured voice. [Mister] was also produced by the same combination of Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, and is a Euro-pop dance song based on Electronica sound. Furthermore, this song was in the competition along [Wanna] to be the title track of the album due to its impressive funky groove, and its display of Kara’s confidence as their new charm.

Trendy medium-dance ballad song [Magic], which shows a new side of Kara, has its focus on the smooth and matured vocal of Kara. The song represents Kara’s innocent and clear image well, as it contains emotional lyrics and pretty melody, which also brings a deep emotion of yearning, along with the string instrumental from 20 members of a fine Orchestra, which also enhances the dramatic song’s completeness.

Other than those, the album contains [Secretly Secretly] which is a combination of sad lyrics and bright melody; [AHA], which contains lovely lyrics and melody, yet is dynamic and has impressive song arrangement; [Let It Go], based on a stylish yet strong pop-style song, which is a song audience has never seen from Kara before; and as well as [Take a Bow], a cool-pop dance song with exciting beats. On top of that, the title song, [Same Heart], for a rhythmic game ‘Imusician’ which captured attention of the game-players and other listeners, and the instrumentals for [Wanna] and [Magic] were added to the album.


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