[News] 2PM Jaebeom and Chansung Interview with Chosun

2PM leader Jaebeom “The prize for everyday working out is to make nunas go wild”

“My charm? If having many weak points is charming then that is my charm. I’m human-being (laughs)”
2PM Leader Park Jaebeom (22) was just being modest. It was surprising to hear it, I thought we were to hear him answer confidently like any new generation guys. Anyways, this time I asked him what was his weak point, he immediately said “my face”
“I’m kidding. Because I’m not in charge of singing so it’s a bit weak and I’m short, that’s too bad” This was pretty different from when presenting strong performance on the stage. His face was filled with mischievousness and composure. Here is our questions and answers with Jaebeom.

-What kind of person is Park Jaebeom?
“A 22-yr-old boy who from Seattle who came to Korea to be a singer. The leader of 2PM. Dance, sing, B-Boy dance, I can do it all well”
- What does 2PM mean to Park Jaeboem?
“Energy, a group filled with energy. A living that gives me strength”
- How did you become a singer?
“I was just a young boy who rapped and did B-Boy dance for pleasure. 5 years ago, JYP held an audition in U.S so I joined it with my mother’s encouragement. This is how I started to become a singer.”
-Do you think what is the reason that makes nuna fans get crazy over 2PM?
“From rough like a beast, manly charm to cuteness, don’t you like it?”
-Please tell us your own charm
“Having an impediment in speaking Korean. I think this is my weak point as well. Besides, I’m careless and have many weak points whenever fans see it, they can sense ‘the smell of human’”
- Your weak point?
“Being short, not a vocalist and my singing is weak. I wish I could do well as Junsu.”
- What does Jaebeom of 2PM do at 2 p.m.?
“Working out. If not them dozing off in a car or eating snacks.”(laughs)
- The secret of taking care of your body
“Always play sports. Even in the waiting room, I lift dumbbells up. My face puffs up easily so If it is not necessary I don’t eat at night. I’m not a type that can gain weight easily but my muscles will disappear if I neglect to work out so I try to do it as much as I can in my spare times”

2PM Chansung “The image of Neighborhood Idiot Friend is different from real life”
“You may ask one more question” 2PM’s youngest member Chansung (19)blinked feebly but we could see his gentleness till the end of the interview.
Even being in an atmosphere of getting disturbed by manager endlessly asking to finish the interview quickly due to his next schedule, he still stayed calm and didn’t look like magnae.
Chansung described himself as “weed”. Although he had less talent than the other members, he worked hard than anyone. Step by step, he took.

-What kind of person is Hwang Chansung?
“A weed-like person. I started from zero, unlike the others; I don’t have any talents. So I was told off many times from people for not being able to neither dance nor sing. But I don’t care, just like a weed I stood up and tried that’s why I’m here. Even now I’m still trying”
-When was the first time you thought of becoming a singer?
Actually, I thought of becoming an actor. Before entering JYP, I had never thought of being a singer. After I entered the company and had lessons both singing and dancing trainings, I got into it. When I watched concert videos of other singers, I thought “Singing on the stage is so cool”
-Do you think what is the reason that makes nuna fans get crazy over 2PM?
People think that we have lots of nuna fans because we started to use sexy concept. Honestly, from the start that’s not our intention to present that image. Everyone fits for the stage, even those guys who were kind of passive during practice. Just going up the stage and then all gets wild. If I hear the audience cheer then my endorphin is pumped up, seems like it burns more than usual.
-Please tell us your own charm
(Chansung can’t answer right away and continues to look troubled so Junho stealthily and joking butts in )
“How about something big? Hands, legs, since he has thick bones everything is fairly big and his magnae character too. When he plays games, he gets sulky a lot. haha”
(At these words, Chansung still keeps cool) “I think my eyes. I’ve always been told that my eyes are deep. My eyes can say no need to talk”
-Then what is your weak point?
“In order to get rid of stresses, I often play games. If play only games then I’ll have a desire to win in excess.”
(Butt in man who’s sitting beside, Junho jokes again) “Chansung plays the best in various games his desire to win is out of the common. If he loses, he gets mad”
- Since the name of your group is 2PM, what do you do at 2 PM?
- How is your real appearance different from your light one on TV?
“My image is ‘Neighborhood Idiot Friend’, in fact it’s not it. Actually, it lessens than that but it’s determined as my character. I think it’s a bit exaggerated”
- The secret of taking care of your body
“Lately, I don’t do anything in particular. I was on diet before 2nd album and paid a lot of attentions to everything. Right I just don’t overdo is enough”
- If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would be right now?
“Playing sports, maybe either taekwondo or fencing. Actually I was a 3rd-4th grader in taekwondo. After joining JYP, I get busy so I can’t do it. Not as a player but more like an instructor”

Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Chosun

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