[DKPNEWS] Eunhyuk kissed Han Seora!!

Finally, Super Junior Eunhyuk managed to give a girl kiss in Star Friend Special Show.

Today, at Star Friends Survival, EunHyuk did his long-waited first cheek kiss. And the lucky girl that got it is Queenka Han Seora.

Queenka Seora chooses Eunhyuk as the singer she wanted to see most. Also, at the 'show your charm' corner, Seora showed her extraordinary dance and magic which was then chosen to be #1 and she got to be kissed by EunHyuk as a return.

The Star Friends Survival will be broadcasting today on July 25th at 5PM KST.

Personally I think they look cute together. But who am I to say this since I am not an extreme Hyukjae lover?

Watch the [ENGSUB] Star Friend Survival below.

kirra12 @ Daily KPop News

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  1. goo hyukjae!!!

    i'm not an extreme hyukjae lover, but he definitely makes myy top 5 (out of 13 - so it's GREAT lol)

    i personally think he makes a great a couple with sora... well, prob cause i hate the other girl who kept rejecting him so much... min ji or something >.<

  2. Jodeath says:

    eunhyuk oppa!!!

    why did you kissed her?

    you must kiss me too!!!

    heheheeh just kidding!!!

    you look cute together!!!

    eunhyuk hwaiting!!


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