[news] Filming MV took the initiative to hold hands, Lee Hyori electrified Wilber Pan

Korea's queen Lee Hyori and Taiwan little prince Wilber Pan were filming a MV in Shanghai,

Waitan. Wilber Pan looked very excited in front of sexy and charming Lee Hyori. Off camera, he kept talking to her in English.

Earlier Lee Hyori and wilber Pan have met in Seoul for the recording of the car CF song that they are endorsing, they flew to Shanghai a few days ago. On that day in the middle of the night, Lee Hyori was wearing a short pink skirt waiting to film but the weather was bad, the strong wind and rain affected the shooting, the authority even closed the road to help the filming.

The scene started with Lee Hyori and Wilber Pan talking inside the car, the latter took each opportunity to talk in English to tease her and she looks pleased. Before shooting, they kept chatting on the sidewalk, they didn’t show any intention to go inside the van to rest.

They changed the location to shoot a sweet scene with them holding hands, they were already very close so she was comfortable holding his hand. While filming a close up, Hyori tied a colorful and stripped towel on her waist, showing another charming sexiness, causing Wilber Pan to trip, influencing his performance and had a lot of outtakes.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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