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Wild Bunnies escape from the dorm!
If idol singers are given one day of freedom, what will they do?
Broadcasting on July 21, Mnet “Wild Bunny” our beloved 2PM members deceived their manager and escaped from their dorm at night.
The boys who just abandoned their dorm, leaving their popularity behind and return to normal 20 boys, they went to HongDae street of youth and passion. Now the beginning of their dreams begun!

After gathering together with their friends, they walked on the street eating Ddoek Bokki, dancing excitingly to the music, going to karaoke room to sing what were popular nowadays and if they were grown-ups then they had to go to club for once and so on. These are ordinary stuffs but because they are idols they haven’t done such things so they tried what they usually couldn’t dream of.
Especially when they were at karaoke room, they not only sang 2NE1 “Fire” and SNSD “Gee” but they also danced to the songs showing the same expressions as boys at their age who were crazy for girl bands.

An Hye Kyung “I want to have a secret date with perfect body Park Jaebeom while Haha’s away”
An Hye Kyung has made a surprising confession that she wanted to date 2PM’s Jaebeom while her boyfriend, Haha, is currently doing public service.
On ‘Come to play’ special episode called “31 years girl friends”, they set up a poll of “Male stars that I want to have a secret date with while Haha’s away”
The male star who An Hye Kyung wanted to date the most was 2PM’s Jaebeom. She said Jaebeom was so handsome while Lee Hyo Ri confessed “lately, 4 of us are falling for 2PM” making the male casts heartbroken.

2PM Chansung’s nick name is a fool?
(Hereafter as babo)
Broadcasting on July 18, 2AM’s SeulOng became a new member of male team in Introducing Star's Friends Survival
While Chansung was exceptionally happy with the apperance of him, Lee Hwe Jae and Hyun Yeong said “Chansung’s nickname here is Neighborhood Idiot Friend” At this point, Im SeulOng caught everyone’s attentions with “here too?” “Wherever Chansung goes, he is called babo” creating a roar of laughter.
Upon hearing SeulOng’s words, Chansung complained “Hyung can’t call me babo” so SeulOng explained “Actually, I’m a babo hyung and he’s a babo dongsaeng ” revealing each other nicknames

Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Newsen StarToday TodayKorea

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