[Video] BoA’s Music Video Released in the U.S

The music video of BoA’s new single “Energetic” has been released exclusively on the homepage of Entertainment Weekly (EW) on Wednesday. BoA announced the news on her Twitter. EW.com also posted an interview with BoA in marking the exclusive presentation of BoA’s new single in America.

The “Energetic” music video features a very addictive hip hop rhythm and BoA’s charismatic and powerful dance skills filled the 3-minute-24-second video. BoA has debuted in the United States last October with her debut single, “Eat You Up,” which was followed by her first American regular album in March of this year, featuring the title song, “I Did It for Love.” She has been promoting her album by appearing on TV and radio programs and performing in concerts throughout the United States. At a recent interview with MTV she revealed her five personal secrets, which include that her favorite basketball team is the L.A. Lakers, and that she likes McDonald’s iced coffee noodles.

Enjoy! The video looks so cool

source: KBS

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