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Lee Hongki, “Radio DJ, It Will Continue To Be My Challenge.”

Lee Hongki debuted as a child actor even before he turned into the main vocal of the band, FT Island.

“Because it was my dream to be an entertainer. As an entertainer, it is a pity that we cannot have our own private lives.”

Hongki had recently stepped down from being the host of SBS Inkigayo to concentrate on their album promotional activities.

As to why FT Island songs have been revolving around the topic “Love”, Hongki made the following reply.
“I’m in my twenties too, I’m twenty this year. People of this age would have had at least one love experience, I believe. It’s important to have the experience so as to grasp the right emotions when singing. Some of our staff and seniors who are close to us will also give me advice on ways to improve myself.”

In their recent comeback music video, Hongki also showed his talents in acting with his partner, “ice cream girl” Choi Ara. Many were talking about the two.

“Ms Choi Ara? She’s a younger sister. She’s younger than us and we’re rather awkward during the music video filming. I didn’t know if I should call her “Ara ya” or even use lower forms of speech to her. So I always add a “Choi Ara-Dongsaeng!” whenever I end my conversation with her. Anyway, I still like Song Hyegyo the best. Haha!”

Not just being a singer, Hongki is also trying other fields like musical and acting, as long as he can. “I want to challenge myself to be a radio DJ. Isn’t it cool? And when I get older, I aim to save more money and buy a big building in Gangnam. Hoho!”

Throughout the interview with Hongki, he has been expressing how proud he is to be in the main cast of the musical “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as the character “Lysander“. This musical will also be staged at his alma mater, Kyung Hee University.

As Lee Hongki, I want to build a big building in Gangnam.”
- Lee Hongki

FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon, “My Popularity Ranking In The Group Is 3rd!”

Jonghoon, who is very interested in music production, is specialised in playing the guitar and piano. He always enjoys composing while playing the guitar. Jonghoon does not have many chances of singing on stage but he has a charming voice and might probably suit to be a Radio DJ.

“Radio DJ? I’m not really sure though. I think Hongki or Jaejin can do better. I want to do better than them in composing. Hoho!”

The members have different levels of popularity and Jonghoon said he’s the 3rd in rank within the group.

“Wherever we go, Minhwan, Seunghyun and I will not be the ones who stand out. It’s Hongki and Jaejin who are fighting for the top position.”

As the leader of FT Island, Jonghoon expressed thanks to their fans, Primadonna.
“We have been overseas doing promotions lately and did not have much time with our local fans. We’re really sorry about it. We will return with our 3rd album activities so please give us lots of love.”

“It’s not tough being a leader?
Well, at least it’s better than being snatched away by Hongki!”
- Choi Jonghoon

FT Island’s Lee Jaejin, “I Wanna Have The Vocal Position Of Hongki-Hyung.”

FT Island’s Lee Jaejin who was recently casted in the musical “Sonagi”, expressed his desire to be the lead vocal in the group.

Jaejin is currently in his 3rd grade in high school. Friends of his age are currently busy preparing for their university entrance exam while on the other hand, Jaejin is aiming for excellence in all music fields.

“I feel sorry to my schoolmates who are working extremely hard right now. I’m just trying to challenge myself in areas which I think I can do better.”
There are times when he wants to go back to become a normal student whenever they face difficulties in their career path. “Sometimes my target just changed. We will also think of ways to overcome the difficulties.”

Jaejin also emphasized that he would want to be a musical actor if he’s not a singer.

“Whatever it is, I want to do something which can bring joy to the public.” As a singer, my target will be a songwriter. Of course if there are chances to star in musicals, I would want to do it too. Through musicals, you get to express your feelings to the audience using songs and it really helps to improve my vocals. Hoho!”

“In the future, if my vocals improve tremendously,
I would want to take over Hongki-hyung as the lead vocal.”
- Lee Jaejin

FT Island’s Song Seunghyun, “I’m The Team’s One And Only Rapper!”

This is their first full regular album after new member, Seunghyun, joined the team. As his name is similar to the actor, Song Seunghun, he also uses it as his nickname.

We also see Seunghyun doing a strong rap for their title song, “바래 (Barae)”. He shared with us the precious times he spent with the members.

“If I were to tell the difference between the first impression of the members and what I feel about them now, I would say that only their looks have changed. What’s most important is that the members gave me a lot of guidance as I’m still not familiar in this industry. I’m always grateful to them.”

Other members also said that Seunghyun is showing lots of potential in different fields. “Be it in terms of music or just myself, I want to be like the members. Please show me your guidance in future as well.”

“It’s the 2nd album we’re releasing for the past 6 months.
It’s only now that I feel that I’m really part of FT Island.”
- Song Seunghyun

FT Island’s Choi Minhwan, “Drummer? I’m Just Trying Out New Things!”

Minhwan has been practising drums since he was grade 6 in elementary school. He also revealed his singing talents at the recent fanclub founding ceremony.

“Singing is still not suitable for me. Playing drums is more enjoyable.”

Minhwan also shared with us some of the interesting things that happen in their house. “Whatever we do, we bet. Of course it’s different from gambling. Only a small amount of money is involved. We even bet on “Scissors, Paper, Stone”… You don’t get it right? Haha!”

Minhwan also starred in the recent drama “Road Home”.

“It was by chance that I get to act in production. I wonder how’s the response. If there’s a chance for me to act again, I would want to have the role of a student definitely.”

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