[News] Jaejoong goes to W-inds' concert

JaeJoong went to watch W-inds concert on the 13th. He sat at the VIP seat Sitting next to W-inds’s Ryohei (The Lead). Wearing a cap, his fringe pushed back, everyone tried to hold their laughter at him, even Ryohei Chiba was doing it~

After that Keita Tachibana asked “Do you have to be like this?”

Ryohei Chiba then said “because Keita Tachibana fringe is too short, that’s why he can’t do that!” which made Keita in a jokingly angry tone “I’ll grow it long then!”

Then becoming a monk’s topic came, Keita Tachibana said “If Jaejoong became a monk, it would be weird. If I were to become a monk, we’ll become the same” something like this topic appeared.

Keita Tachibana & Ryohei Chiba shouted Jaejoong’s name quite a number of time during that period

Source: W-inds baidu
Trans : Mel@OneTVXQ
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