[News]Kim Junho's Debut Song "I Love You"

When Kim Junsu's twin, Kim Junho, made his debut in 2009, it aroused a lot of interest. Kim Junho's company expressed recently, Junho's first musical work "I Love You" will be introduced to everyone by the end of August (latest September). Within the single, both the Korean and Chinese version of "I Love You" is recorded, and the lyrics for the Korean version were personally written by his brother, Kim Junsu.

Also, because of the special nature of the single, this single will not be released at music stores, it's just a gift from Junho to his fans.

Single introduction:
"I Love You" is a gentle ballad with a beautiful melody. It is moving and touching, and the lyrics also portray a deep love you feel for a lover. Together with Junho's heartfelt singing, this is a single that is worth collecting.

Source: [mrtvxq]
translated by mandasoh @ iscreamshinki

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how junsu feels bout this? but i'm sure he is proud and happy for his brother..they are sooo close ^^ wish me and my sis are like that ><

  2. Jaz says:

    to me i think junsu is proud and will always support his brother..They are really close haha!

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