[News] JYP addresses the rumour about Thai singer Waii and 2PM’s Junsu

It has been reported on the news in both Korea and Thailand that 2PM member Junsu is currently dating Thai singer Waii.

Apparently during an interview, Waii had confessed that the “couple” are in love, and that she secretly took a taxi to meet Junsu at night while he was in Thailand and talked on the phone several times a day.

However, JYP entertainemt has recently released a statement through twitter saying that the rumour is not true. “Both of them are not related in any way. Thr rumour started because 2PM is very popular in Thailand.”

The huge reaction from the fans regarding this little rumour proves 2PM’s popularity. It is expected that they’ll be leading the Korean wave and become more famous in Korea as well as Thailand.

source: kimchilicious

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