[news] Lee Hyori and Wilber Pan Kiss: Wilber Pan didn’t feel anything

Lately Wilber Pan is fated to Korean girls, after filming a MV with Lee Da Hae, he’s now favoring Korean queen Lee Hyori, he collaborated with her on a song with Korean, Chinese and English. The MV was shot in Seoul and Shanghai.

Since the director didn’t allow to use camera trick to look like they kissed, Wilber Pan and Lee Hyori didn’t have the choice to really kiss, he snatched away her first MV kiss, in all they kissed 12 times to succeed.

Asking about their feeling, both of them answered professionally: “This is work.” During the filming, Wilber Pan caused Lee Hyori to laugh once.

Wilber Pan’s luck isn’t weak, he was selected to collaborate with Korean singer Lee Hyori, last week they shot the MV in Shanghai, besides kissing 12 times, the girl sat on his laps flirting. Making many men jealous.

Hot kiss 12 times

Wilber Pan was doing activites in Shanghai yesterday, he was asked about the feeling of being sat on the laps by Jolin (N/T: rumored girlfriend) and Lee Hyori, he answered cleverly: “I’m not close to Lee Hyori, and Jolin is a good friend, so the difference is only unfamiliar and familiar.”
Last week he spent 3 days in Shanghai singing and filming MV, then he spent another 3 days in Seoul to continue the filming. According to reports, it was Lee Hyori who had a preference for him because of his popularity in China and wants to enter the chinese market through him, they collaborated in a song with Korean, Chinese and English, which will be included in her new album. (N/T: the song is for a CF not her album).

Even though it is their first collaboration, there are still a lot of intimate scenes, including kiss scene, from rehearsing to the actual filming they kissed in total 12 times, it was her first on screen kiss. (N/T: Wrong again…) Wilber Pan admitted that kissing her was romantic, “it was pretty good!”.
And about being sat on by a Korean beautiful girl, did he have a physiology reaction? He laughed and said: “There were over a hundred of staff on the set staring at us, I was very focused on acting, how could I have a physiology reaction!”

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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