[news] Lee Minwoo wants a ‘Shinhwa talkshow’

Shinhwa’s role model is known to be Japanese pop group SMAP, who has the reputation of being the ‘national idol group’ in Japan.

Lee Minwoo, who has just returned to the music scene with his Vol 4.5 album, Minnvation, has hopes of ‘creating a talkshow in the name of Shinhwa’. According to a source close to him, “Shinhwa hopes to continue activities the way SMAP has, and have their own talkshow like SMAP does.”

Debuted in 1992, SMAP has released countless hits, and the members, besides having their own solo activities, also host a regular talkshow variety program together on Fuji TV ‘SMAP×SMAP’, and continue to enjoy the status of being among the most popular stars in Japan.

Shinhwa made their debut in 1998, and has since then gone on to become Korea’s longest-running group. As members Eric and Kim Dongwan are now serving their military duties, the group Shinhwa gone on a temporary hiatus. Once all the members have fulfilled their military obligations, they will be starting on group activities again, and meet their fans once again via concert tours in Korea and Asia.

Credits: Sports Seoul + Absolut Shinhwa + shinhwa.biz

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