[news] Pioneer idols’ dance battle: H.O.T Moon Hee Jun vs Shinhwa Lee Minwoo

‘Pioneer idols’, Mooh Hee Jun of H.O.T and Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa presented a joint stage performance during the recording for the upcoming 25th July episode of SBS music programme ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’.

Not only did they perform the debut songs of the two groups, ‘Warrior’s Descendant’ and ‘Haegyulsa’ with a live band, they also added to the medley ‘Classroom Idea’ by Seo Taiji and Boys, fully demonstrating the passion and talents of the two who have evolved from idols to musicians.

During the chat segment with MC Kim Jung Eun, they also performed the much-loved ‘Wild Eyes’ chair dance and the powerful dance of ‘We Are The Future’.

The episode will be aired on 25th July at 12.20am

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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