[DKPNEWS] Oppa Band members make JungMo Cries.

At MBC night show, Oppa Band, Jungmo was seen crying. What's the reason behind this? Was he too frustrated because the whole team don't have a good teamwork?

Nope. As usual, Koreans love hidden camera and this show were no exception to that. The older members of Oppa Band Shin DongYup, Kim GooRa and Tak JaeHoon were being mischievous and wanted to prank the youngest two of the group, Super Junior Sungmin and The TRAX Jungmo.

They pretended to be angry since the two magnaes came late for the show recording. Not enough with that, they said that they are going to have a concert on the same day as Super Show II, the Super Junior concert where Jungmo and Sungmin are going to take part in. Shocked, Sungmin and Jungmo did not know what to answer. Kim GooRa uses this advantage and asked them to choose between Oppa Band and Super Show II. The frustrated Jungmo finally cried when the hidden camera plan was exposed.

This episode will be aired on 26th July.

View the [ENGSUB] 1st episode of Oppa Band below.

kirra12 @ Daily K Pop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah jungmo is back! i miss trax a lot, it sucks they didn't get a lot of attention :(

  2. chin says:
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  3. chin says:

    It does suck that the Trax doesn't get a lot of recognition, especially because they are such a talented band...

    Hope to see the Trax soon...

    By the way...

    Keep up the good work Jungmo...Trax too...

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