[pictures] Goo Hye Sun poses for Elle Girl

Multi talented Goo Hye Sun finally poses for Elle Girl. As everyone have noticed, unlike her fellow boys over flowers alumnus, she hasnt been conquering the CF world that much. Her fellow co-stars lee minho and kim bum have been CF kings even staring in a major movie and landing major roles in new drama, and also Kim so Eun.

Check out more pics from her elle photoshoot below:

But finally appearing more in the limelight, she recently held her exhibition showing everyone her artistic side and masterpieces, and also appeared in a XF for ADefying beauty cream and her recent endorsement for Douter Coffee Company which she chose to accept among the many other offers she declined.

Goo Hye Sun is not your typical star, since she thinks through the many opportunities and only settles for the best. I really like it when she held her art exhibition cause she showed that she can not only act but she is also a talented artist.

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