[News] Ryu Sangwook, receiving Kara members’ love all to himself ‘Even stalking is okay’

A newcomer, Ryu Sangwook, has been chosen as the male actor for the music video for Kara’s title track of their new album, ‘Wanna’.

Ryu Sangwook has recently starred in the MBC’s Mon/Tues drama ‘Queen Sun Duk’ as a bodyguard of Mi Shil (A character in the drama) and the most handsome amongst the Hwa Rangs. The way he followed Mi Shil reminded viewers of how Lee Jungjae followed Ko Hyunjung as a bodyguard in the drama ‘Hourglass’, and gave Ryu Sangwook a new nickname, ‘the second Lee Jungjae’.

Ryu Sangwook has spent the 19th and 20th of July in the set located in Nam Yang Ju with the members, staying up all night filming the music video. The storyline of the music video has based on the 5 Kara members stalking Ryu Sangwook, who captured the members’ eyes with his magnetic looks.

Kara, who are trying to gain popularity with their new album, and Ryu Sangwook, who has received a lot of attention through ‘Queen Sun Duk’, have wrapped up the filming in a very warmly as they exchanged their good lucks and supporting messages.

An insider of the music video stated that “he’s suitable for the concept of the music video, as he’s got the handsome feature and innocent feel” and “as he’s catching a lot of attention from women these days, we are anticipating the outcome of the music video greatly as well”.

‘Wanna’ music video, starring Ryu Sangwook, will be released sometime in late July.

Original Source: Newsen
Tip: Mae
Translated by: cactus @ karaholic.com

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