[DKPNEWS] SNSD - SHINee Joint Performance

The last time we saw 4Minute and 2PM having a joint dance performance, now the SM family SNSD and Shinee are going to follow suit.

It is confirmed that on MBC Show Music Core, SNSD and SHinee are planning to have a joint dance break performance, using 'Juliet' Remix Version.

Although the fact that these 2 groups are from the same company (SM Entertainment), but they were rarely seen together in one stage, thus, this news of the special stage has gained the attention of the many.

In the mean time, 4 Minute will also be preparing a special stage to commemorate Michael Jackson on the same day.

Please anticipate Music Core which will be held on July 25th.

kirra12 @ Daily Kpop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is ok with the same company....
    as long as SHINee wiil nt have joint stage from others company "GIRLS" group...

  2. Anonymous says:

    i tink u meant 4minute? anyways i dun tink 4minute will b as "successful" as WG, and obviously they stink.

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