[NEWS] SNSD's Tiffany has the most attractive thighs!

Netizens chose SNSD's Tiffany as 1st for celebrity who has the most attractive thighs.

On 29th, according to DC Inside, a community photo site, they conducted a survey with 11,657 people from 21st through 28th.
The question was , "Which celebrity has the most attractive thighs?" And Tiffany was voted 1st.
On this survey, she has received 4755 votes (40.8%).

Written by Moon hwonshik
Translated by cathode@soshified.com/forums

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  1. kamai says:

    fany won?yess!!i really thought sooyoung or yuri would make it to the list.lol.but congrats to fany!!love her thighs!lol

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