[pictures] SJ fanpics in Star King

Woah.. they come to Star King.. Omona.. SJ and 2PM boys are gathering..
But still don't know when will it be aired? [I think they filmed it recently by looking at hyukie's red hair.. I'm still checking it]

Well let's see their fanpics during the show..
Thanks to www.sjhyukhae.com ; photos by Sea , eastsea , onlysungmin.cn + moniicax3@sj-world.net

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  1. yayyy... more suju actions!! started to miss 'em seriously..... <3<3

  2. Anonymous says:

    i miss kibummie :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sj is back? Yes! W 2pm? Great! Sj and 2pm are x3x3. Hwaiting oppas~ e.l.f and hottest rawks~

  4. EunKyung says:

    love eunhyuk hair....so stylish..
    kangin face so qute

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