[News&video] Soo young Got Proposed??

Soo Young on Star King

Yamaguchi, whose wish is to marry a Korean woman, appeared on Star King and took the stage. In slow Korean, he said "Korean woman pretty, please marry me. I want to follow the singer Kim Jung Min who married a Japanese woman, so I ate wasabi and practiced my singing." For his performance, Yamaguchi turned Girls' Generation's 'Tell Me Your Wish' into a Kim Jung Min rock version. After finishing the song, Yamaguchi said "I have an ace in the whole and approached the Girls' Generation members who were sitting on the panel. He took out his ace in the hole (a diamond ring, no less), knelt on the ground, and to everyone's surprise, proposed to Soo Young.

However, Soo Young obviously said no saying "This is a precious ring that you have brought from Japan, so please find your perfect girl and place that ring on her finger." Yamaguchi seemed shocked by the refusal and offered the ring to 2PM's Nichkhun which caused everyone to laugh. It's obvious that the guy was joking about Nichkhun at least, but still, I guess you never know, right? Yamaguchi ended his segment with these parting words "I want to go tour places where there is a lot of Korean women, like Apgujong"

I do like how the second to last screenshot shows a speech bubble of Soo Young saying "How many carats..?" It's even funnier because she actually looks like she's considering it, but I guess the rock wasn't big enough.

Soo Young on Star King


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