[News] Super Junior's Naver Rank

Omona..!! Why are our SJ boys not so popular in Korea, whereas they have done so many things there...
LOL~~ Heechul is the highest among them.. Poor Yesung.. he's the last.. See the Naver Rank below..

#45 Super Junior
#57 Heechul
#98 Sungmin
#127 Donghae
#135 Leeteuk
#163 Kyuhyun <<< Kyu-baby is moving on up ^_^
#168 Eunhyuk
#183 Kibum
#209 Kangin
#323 Siwon
#326 Hangeng
#360 Ryeowook
#418 Shindong
#521 Yesung <<< I know out of the 13 someone has to be last, but why is it always KJW?
#1295 Henry
???? Zhoumi
SJ-M is racking in the big deals in China, Henry and Zhoumi have no need to worry ^^

I just post SJ parts now.. for the others.. I'll post it soon!

6 Responses so far.

  1. SSjunior says:

    EunHyuk. Whaiting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yay! 3 cheers for Kyuhyun! ^^

  3. tina_cute says:

    still for eeteuk....

  4. Anonymous says:

    Super Junior hwaiting!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    haah i love yesung though

  6. Anonymous says:


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