[News]T-ara’s company apologise officially to MBC for song leakage tara_200709_4

T-ara’s company has issued an official apology to MBC about relating the group’s song leakout to MBC.

T-ara’s company Contents Media has previously protested against MBC for having the group’s song ‘Wanna Play’ played on MBC radio ‘TaeYeon ChinChin’ on 20th July ahead of their debut.

But with that, the company has came out to say that this is all a misunderstanding and has issued an official apology to MBC through the press on 29th July. There was some misunderstanding about using the song to be played as a preview teaser for fans and listener between MBC and T-ara’s company.

But knowing that the song is through and approved for broadcast, T-ara’s company has came out to apologise for the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, T-ara had their debut on MBC Golden Fishery on 29th July.


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