[News]Wonder Girls “Performing in front of an audience, an incredible experience”

Wonder Girls, who have been actively promoting since their U.S. debut, revealed that their first performance in front of large American audience was an incredible experience and they still can’t believe it happened.

Recently, Wonder Girls were interviewed by an American image production enterprise, “Power Play,” with “bare” faces. Portraying a natural and innocent image, wearing no make-up , Wonder Girls surprised viewers as they spoke in fluent English about their recent activities in the U.S.

Yoo Bin said, “I always listen to pop music. My uncle is someone who produces really good pop music. After having followed his music and practiced dancing, I knew I wanted to become a singer.” As expected, Sun Ye answered, “Since I was very young, my dream was to become a singer” with an evident sense of satisfaction.

When asked about their feelings about touring alongside the world-famous group Jonas Brothers and opening performances for them, Sun Mi responded, “Being able to perform on the same stage as really top stars as the Jonas Brothers is an honor. We were extremely nervous for our first performance. Because the very fact (that we would open a performance for them) was unbelievable, and it was the first time we would perform in front of such a large American audience. It was an incredible experience.”

Ye Eun added, “I like touring with the Jonas Brothers.” So Hee claimed, “Although Wonder Girls are successful in Asia, we hope to become successful as singers in America as well.”

From July 2nd to August 31st, Wonder Girls will be traveling together with the Jonas Brothers for the 45 city tours across the nation.

[translation: bequietimhappy @ wonderfulsworld
[credit: Star News]

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