[News] KARA : We're now young ladies!

Girl group KARA has blossomed like flowers.

With their second album released on July 30, the 5 members show of their unique charms once again through their main track . In the MV filming of this song, each member had a distinctive look that slowly marked their transformation from little girls to young ladies. Seungyeon with a refreshing look with her hair tied up, Hara's tummy being a bit exposed, fashionable cap and leggings worn by Gyuri, maknae Jiyoung's colorful headbands and topped off with Nicole's signature wave, the MV was a feast for the eyes of the viewers.

#1 - We're now young ladies!
Members Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung strikes a pose with the toy parrot featured in their video. With their pose and expression reflecting their personalities, one can't help but notice how much they have grown before the eyes of the public.

#2 - This is the 'goddess' pose!
Leader Park Gyuri strikes a voluptuous pose in one corner of the set, living up to the nickname 'KARA's goddess', given to her by their fans. She fits the mature concept the best - her military cap, colorful leggings and disarming smile is a deadly combination.

#3 - A different kind of aegyo
KARA's Goo Hara who is full of aegyo (?), finds a bed where she rests during their break in the filming. To show that she really wants to get some sleep, she hugs the pillow tight and playfully poses with a peace sign, while everyone else is busy preparing for the next scene.

#4 - The Haggard Fairy
Smiling from ear to ear, Seungyeon's dimples looked pretty as she posed for us with her hair tied up giving off a clean and refreshing feeling. With fans endearingly dubbing her as the 'Haggard Fairy', she shows a more carefree side of her with this style with her hair and clothes all neat and proper. She is said to be the member who has changed the most in terms of appearances for this track.

#5 - Level with Me!
Nicole shows off her playful side in front of the camera. Born and raised in America, Nicole received much love and support for her dorky but always amusing explanation in KBS 2's SGB's Level with Me corner. Even during the filming, Nicole was her bubbly self, laughing and playing around the set.

#6 - Cute Maknae's smile
KARA's youngest Kang Jiyoung smiles shyly in front of the camera. As she is the maknae of the group, she is in charge of the aegyo and cuteness of the group which she does effortlessly. She continues to show her shy yet adorableness in this album, to the delight of the viewers, especially their uncle-fans.

thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic

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