[News]2NE1 Park Bom, “There were plans for me, Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park to be a in trio”

Newcomer 4-member group 2NE1 member Park Bom revealed that there were actually plans for her to be in a trio group together with Sandara Park and Goo Hye Sun.

Park Bom was with the other 2NE1 members attending the exhibiting of fellow YG artistes Goo Hye Sun as shown on 2NE1 TV aired on 22nd. During the show, the girls had given their congralutory greetings to Goo Hye Sun, she smiled and looked at the camera, “I will appear here too? So you will do a HyeSunTV too?”

With that Park Bom said, “In 2005, I heard that YG had wanted me, Sandara Park, and Goo Hye Sun to be in a 3-member group.” and Sandara Park who was just standing beside her nodded.

Goo Hye Sun said, “Really? How come I didn’t get to know this?” She gave a surprised look but continued, “It’s a good thing he didn’t. I’m not good at singing.”

Meanwhile, the 4th episode of 2NE1TV will be aired at 6pm on 22nd July.

source: kbites

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