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U.S. wants nobody, nobody but them

[ommits non-wondergirls information]


Who: Korean retro-styled pop quintet, comprising Kim Yu Bin, 20; Park Ye Eun, 19; Min Sun Ye, 19; Sun Mi, 16; and Ahn So Hee, 16. Chosen from auditions by JYP Entertainment, they shot to fame in Asia in 2007.

Tipped to be: A perkier version of the Spice Girls.

What’s going on? They released the English version of their hit Nobody in May. Also made their live United States debut in Portland on June 27, opening for the Jonas Brothers.

How are they doing? Pretty good – blogger Perez Hilton featured two of their hit videos on his blog last year, saying: “So fabs…we love it!” Virgin Media also named them as one of the top eight girl groups to watch, placing them beside groups like the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane.

We say: Their star is on the rise. They have an extended tour with the Jonas Brothers; they were originally scheduled to open for just 13 dates, but the brothers themselves requested that they stay on for the entire 45-show run. The Wonder Girls can count some really big names in their audience, the biggest being Mrs Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha.

Now, all they need to do to grab more headlines is for one of them to date one of the Purity Ring Jonas Brothers.

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  1. JASR says:

    yeah, dating one of the jonas brothers will be a major headline. =)

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