[News]Music Core 250709

5-member group 4Minute will be performing a song in memory of Michael Jackson on MBC Music Core on the 25th of July.
4Minute considers this a meaningful opportunity and have put their all into learning the chereography, they will also be wearing MJ-inspired costumes on stage. The members hope to give their best performance and are enthusiastic about this special stage.

Meanwhile, other performing acts on Music Core on Saturday include Girls’ Generation, SHINee, MC Mong, FT Island, Cool, Lee Jung Hyun, LPG and IU.

SHINee and Girls’ Generation will also have a special dance joint stage on Music Core this Saturday.

p/s:Tsk tsk tsk, i wounder what stage will 4minute pull..another bad "engirsh" stage? Isn't Beyonce's irreplaceable horrible enough and Cube Entertainment is trying to get them in attention and they will end up getting more complaints and antis.

I can't wait to see Shinee's and SNSD's joint though! it is quite rare to see DongSaengs and Sunbaes having a joint stage. :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i cant wait to see snsd and shinee together. nd not so happy bout 4mintue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    *4minute* oops wrong spelling

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