BoA’s director brother Kwon [News]SoonWook, “Discovered Sori’s acting capabilities”

Top singer BoA’s brother Kwon SooWook has praised singer Sori on her acting.

Sori, who is the female lead to musical ‘Ballerino who loves the B.Boy’ has recently appeared as the female lead to Astro’s debut song MV ‘We will go’.

In the MV, Sori acts as a woman dumped by her man who went for another woman, she also had crying scenes in the MV. This was a different image to her sexy and hot image on stage performing.

Kwon SoonWook who was the director to the MV said, “I discovered the acting capabilities in Sori. It was so good I didn’t believe she only started acting a while ago. Her acting in the MV was above satisfactory.”

“Sori is good at expressing emotions, good singer after all. For other singers, when they act there is a certain pattern to the feelings they show, but for Sori she displayed her emotions in acting very naturally. I could feel much energy from her acting.”

Sori also said, “The MV and the musical are of different genres but that’s the beauty of it. I have put another acting of a different image this time, but there are still many things to learn. I wish to do more acting in the future.”

Meanwhile, the MV is also very well received by netizens, with many praises of Sori’s acting.

source: kbites

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