[News]2PM and 2AM parodies Brown Eyed Girls to be ‘Dirty Eyed Girls

2PM and 2AM has come together to form ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parodying idol female group Brown Eyd Girls.

The 2 groups came together recently on Mnet Wild Bunny to do parody on Brown Eyed Girls. There are plans for ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ to sing and even redo the MV to Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Abracadabra’.

A preview to the parody making was also released online receiving overwhelming responses from netizens.

Known to be the worst dresser in 2PM, member TaekYeon was put in charge as the group’s stylist for this parody, and 2PM’s youngest member ChanSung will be the sexy image taking over Brown Eyed Girls GaIn’s place in the group.

Much anticipation is to how the parody will turn out.

source: kbites

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