[Cyworld] Hongki Cyworld : Hongki+Heechul=Perfect brothers

Here is Hongki's cyworld entry, on August 11, 2009, he talked about his beloved hyung => Kim Hee Chul. OMG, he really loves Heechul!!!
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Written on 2009.08.11 at 03:13


Heechul-hyung is

The best AB-type kekekeke

That is why I like hyung kekekekekekekekekeke

It has been quite some time since we met... and only a bowl of omori jjigae**

are shared among four person..


Because i had been doing my promotions

They allowed me to rest during gatherings...

No.. They can't do this. kekekekekekeke

ke* A laughing sound
omori jjigae** A type of kimchi stew

Credits: Hongki Cyworld
Translated: korean to chinese bubu@FTICN
chinese to english Liin@sj-world.net


but still curious, why does he likes heechul so much?? is it because both of them have the same blood-type?? LOL~~

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  1. Minako says:

    Haha ^^

  2. kamai says:

    ab club ftw!lol...

  3. Anonymous says:

    now i wonder which blood type am i??
    could it b ab type?? heheheh

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