[News]Joo AhMin, “I do not hate the title as MC Mong’s girlfriend”

Talent Joo AhMin who has been the topic amongst netizens after she was known to be singer MC Mong’s girlfriend, has revealed her gratitude to MC Mong.

She wrote on her minihompy recently with the title to a post ‘MC Mong’s loveer Joo AhMin’ and said, “I do not hate the title as MC Mong’s lover Joo AhMin.”

She also uploaded a photo she took together with MC Mong at the beach, “It is not an embarrassing thing to be the girlfriend of a really cool person. MC Mong is the coolest and most romantic person in this world, writing my letters, writing me lyrics and even made songs for me.”

“MC Mong is someone who has lost many due to my shortcomings. So he is really a fool who do not want to let go of us or want me to say things like I’m Sorry or when people objects about us.”

And she ended off with, “I’m really really happy as MC Mong’s lover Joo AhMin. Even though we are not perfect, we will start becoming a pretty and role model couple.”


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  1. this is such cool news. I adore and respect MC Mong. His music is fun but if you read between the lines you can learn his profound thoughts. Joo AhMin & Mong, may their love be for real & may they end up saying "I do." ^_^

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