[News]Cool Yuri, “2PM muscleman JaeBum is right-on my ideal type of guy”

Cool member Yuri has picked 2PM JaeBum as her ideal type of guy.

Cool members were on KBS Joy ‘Flower Boy Carriage’ recently. And Yuri asked, “Is there any idol who had captured your heart?”. She answered, “Recently 2PM JaeBum has caught my eyes. Normally idols are cute and pretty style but JaeBum is very manly and built, and that is charming – my ideal type right-on.”

MC Shin JungHwan said, “If JaeBum were to ask you out on the spot, will you?”. Yuri answered coolly, “Of course”. But on the other hand when Yuri was asked, “Is there style you like from Lee JaeHoon, Kim SeongSoo and Yoon JungSoo?”, Yuri were unable to answer but just burst into laughters.

The show will be aired on 13th August at 11.10pm.


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