[DKPNEWS] Daesung = 'Kang JunPyo'??

The everlasting idol comedian Daesung of BigBang, became a bad boy in Family Outing recently.

On August 2nd, 2009, at Family Outing variety show, Daesung was there with a unique hairstyle. Everyone in the family thought this hairstyle resembles Boys Over Flower drama's Leader Goo JunPyo hairstyle, who is known as being arrogant. Being mischievous, he shouted loudly a famous line of Junpyo and that causes the family to burst into laughter.

Then, guest Song JiHyo joins in and becomes Song Jandi, thus the dining table became comical as they were trying to act out the drama scenes.

In the mean time, Song JiHyo was also seen dancing to 4 Minute's Hot Issue in this episode.

kirra12 @ Daily KPop News

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    sexy Dae, lol.

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