[DKPNEWS] SoHee YeEun Eye Makeup.. HOT!

Currently being active in the United States, Girl Group Wondergirls unique newest eye make up is being shown to public. Wondergirl's members SoHee and YeEun uploaded these pictures on Twitter on August 2nd, the new eye makeup.

SoHee wrote as she uploaded the photo, "Right now we are in Las Vegas!" "Me with YeEun unnie. Also please take a good look at our eyelashes!!"

The newest Wondergirls eye makeup concept is to have white small particle on the eyelashes.

YeEun asked, "This is ur new eye makeup. Is it pretty?"

Yoobin said "5 years ago, together with my family we went there, right now coming here together with the members, the feeling is great."

In the mean time, last month Wondergirls was performing in tours with popular boyband Jonas Brother for the opening stage.

We expect to see more of their successes.

kirra12 @ Daily KPop News

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