[News] SM Artists will stay with SM ent. more than 10 years!! Let's compare it with the others!

See the comparison among them inside this post!

SM entertainment's artists:
DBSK: 13 years
SJ: 5-13 years
SNSD: 5-13 years
more details on SNSD's members contracts with SM:
Yoona – 15 years.

Sooyoung – 5 years.

Yuri & Jessica – 9 years.

Taeyeon – 10 years.

Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany – Free agent, contract expires at the group’s dissolution.

Sunny – LIFETIME!!! Nah, actually, I don’t understand hers. It says free agent something. 자유계약, 계약 만료기한 본인의사 고려.

cr details: tamatron@jphip

Shinee: 6-13 years

JYP's artists:
Wondergirls: 7
2PM/2AM: 7

YG's artists:
Big bang: 5
2NE1: 5

DSP's artists:
SS501: 5
Kara: 5

OMG!! SM ent. is too much I think, look at the difference among them.. seriously, why do they need to stay for 13 years under SM? Even SNSD Yoona will stay with SM until 15 years! SM ent. has produced some of the best of the best idol groups in Asia. They better come up with a solution before they lose one of Asia’s most talented boybands ever……

What do you think?

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  1. WOAH. It is a massive contract.
    No wonder the fans are mad. ;)

  2. as long as they treat them nicely
    then it will be ok .

  3. Nice says:

    This is insane! Well yeah as long as they treat the artists well *ehem ehem* it's ok but if all statements from DBSK are true, then I'd like to see SM burn down!

    Yoona for 15 years??? OMG!

  4. Anonymous says:

    sources please.

  5. SSjunior says:

    oh my that's long.

  6. 振毅 says:

    Sunny's lifetime contract, haha. Likely because of her family ties and her agent is LSM himself.

  7. 振毅 says:

    Yoona for 15 years? She would be 35 and likely to be an actor than singer since SNSD would not likely last that long. Taeyeon would be solo singer after SNSD is gone and possibly with other long contract girls. Sooyoung might get more of the contract should SNSD stay longer than 5 years, Seohyun, Tiffany and Hyoyeon would likely depend on their luck to see if SNSD could last long or short.

  8. Anonymous says:

    that's awful!
    stupid SM signing them for so long. >.>

  9. Shierly says:

    YI think YG is still the best..
    They only make 5 year contract for Big Bang, the number 1 male group in Korea now?

    And 5years for 2NE1, the most scariest rookies in K-Pop history????

    wow.... that was so kind

    YG Family fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    YG really v kind n treat them like family
    YG fighting

  11. kamai says:

    so many years they have to work for sm.it's funny to read about sunny's contract.lifetime!lol

  12. fykaGD92 says:

    gila lah..i mean that's absurd..urgh..i never like SM eventhough i'm a fan of DBSK and SuJu
    YG FTW...it's true..YG does treat their artist with care..just like a family..


  13. Minako says:

    I think SM only wants the money -_-

  14. Anonymous says:

    is this for real?!? but can anyone tell me when the contract began? Did it usually start since the singers debut or their training time?

    SM haizz... i feel so bad for the SM artists T_T

    yeah, YG and DSP as well..5 years are ok..JYP is kinda ok with 7 years but heck SM..too much!!! >o<

    i think there' something wrong about Yoona's contract though. In another article, it's said that Yoona's contract was 13 years not 15 years @_@ so what was it? i'm confused

  15. Anonymous says:

    is it include the trainee years ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    i'm not saying the contracts are right, just trying to offer another perspective...but on the other hand, the people with the long contracts are probably the one the company feels has the most potential and will last more than 15 minutes of fame....i mean when they signed the contract, the company prob did not know that they would make it that big, so they are also making a gamble

    looking from another perspective, i think some artists would prob be concerned if their contracts are too short...since if they dont have big successes...the company might not sign them again after the contract expires and then without a company to support or promote them (assuming no other company picks them up), they prob won't get anywhere with their careers...it's a double-edged sword..

  17. Anonymous says:

    sources? :) all other articles i've read are saying yoona got a 13-year contract..

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