Ghost hand on Kara member's back?

Original Source: Joongang Ilbo
Translated by: cactus @

Popular girl group 'Kara' caused a stir during their performance, that an unidentified hand was spotted.

During the Inkigayo performance on the 9th, girl group Kara's Nicole lost her balance while the last dance move for 'Wanna'. So then Jiyoung, who was next to Nicole, reached out in order to help her up, and this looked like as if there was a mysterious hand behind Nicole.

This clip is spreading rapidly among the blogs and cafes via the video clips and enlarged capture pictures.

After viewing the clips and the photos, the netizens divided into two sides, saying 'It causes goosebumps', 'It's scary' while others are saying it's only Jiyoung fold and unfolding her hands.

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  1. Minako says:

    o.o Eerie much.
    Do you have the pictures?

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