[Interview] 2PM, “After we ended promotions for album, we got more busy with our schedule”

2PM is currently preparing for a new album after they end promotions for their recent 2nd single album promotions. They released their 2nd single title song ‘Again & Again’ in April and ended promotions for the single in July.

2PM TaekYeon said in an interview recently, “After we end promotions for music album, even though we no longer go on music shows, we are appearing on other broadcast programmes on more occasions. As compared to a break, it is more like a break from going on music shows.”

2PM recently meets with their fans through various broadcast programmes. Even week on Tuesday, they will be on Mnet Wild Bunny, and they will also go on programmes like KBS Star Golden Bell, SBS Star King etc.

Also recently, TaekYeon has also been going back to music shows to perform Baek Ji Young’s new song ‘My Ear’s Candy’ together.

But regarding if the group has really become one of the most popular group around, leader JaeBum said “Are we really that popular now? It is still far from it.” And about their new album, JaeBum provided, “It will be released this year. Please look forward to new songs that are more cool thatn what we have now.

credits to k.bites

can't wait to see their new album. JYP has posted up some dance moves he has made for their new album at twitter!!2pm jjang!!^^

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  1. fadya says:

    ouh. i really cant wait for their next single..
    ill wait for that!! 2PM~~

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