[News] New wave to war between SM and Dong Bang Shin Ki. Fans file for lawsuit against SM Ent for SMTown Live 09 concert postponement dbsk

On last August 14th, Dong Bang Shin Ki fancafe submitted a prosecution application to Korea Consumer Protection Board with subject ‘The postpone of SMTOWN LIVE ‘09′.

The fancafe explained their background of accusation, “They acted unilaterally in postponing the concert, without consideration and fooling all the consumers who had already bought the concert tickets. Thus, we submitted this application.”

In the statement which Dong Bang Shin Ki fancafe submitted to Korea Consumer Protection Board, they mentioned, “SMTOWN LIVE ‘09 which is scheduled to be held on August 16th is indefinitely postponed.

The postpone was announced a week ago (August 7th) with the reason that Dong Bang Shin Ki’s case status will make the whole SM family couldn’t unite in the concert.

However, on August 14th when SM released SMTOWN Summer album ‘09, they promoted the song by stressing it as ‘a song which shows friendship among the young men‘ which shows a whole contradictory.

Dong Bang Shin Ki fancafe demanded not only full refund of their tickets, but also 10% admission fee as compensation and official apology from SM Entertainment.

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things are getting out of control~
really hope everything will be back to normal a.s.a.p~^^

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  1. OMG~!! Let's pray this thing will back to normal!!
    Always Keep The Faith!

  2. d'petals says:

    yup, please open ur eyes SM..
    just solve d'case in peace...
    realize d'fact tht DBSK brings alot 2 u,
    u knw it better~

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