[Interview] Bonjuk Newest Calender Wallpaper and Interview.

Here are the newest wallpaper of August BonJuk advertisement.

Check in here for their interview.

The interview was taken on 23rd June 2009 (i know it’s months ago but if you have not check it out, here it is)

Worthy of the name, Kainozoic era star,(the new generation star),has been upgraded to” blue chip” for the advertising industry. Both Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are highly popular. However, in fact, both of them prefer to be a great actor/actress rather than a “star” with popularity. You can see that Kim bum has worries, but he is not nervous, has star qualities. Although you may not know him, you still can’t stop his luster.
Kim So Eun has a pair of beautiful eyes. She is such a clever actress who knows what she wants, no matter what, she will try her best to get into that.
These two people have fresh and sunny temperament and today, they meet at print ads.

Q:What are you doing after ‘Boys Over flowers’?

Kim Bum: I am busy at filming the CFs, my next project is ‘Bi Sang’. I am working on role analysis and preparation at the moment.
Kim So Eun: I also decided my next project which is a mini drama, will start to film recently. At the same time, I am filming a movie as well; don’t have time to have a rest.

Q:How has your lives changed after becoming so popular?

Kim Bum: I personally feel that in ‘Boys over flowers’, we were not actually acting, it was still just a ‘vase’ (for you non-Asian, it means people who are only good looking but no acting skills) However, I like So Yi Jung which has given me so much popularity, but I am also afraid of whether I can bear the bad comments or not. I am worried if I am acting as another role, people still have the illusion that I am So Yi Jung. So I am particularly concerned about my next project. (Kathy, the translat0r: hey man! Thats what I want to say, I always thought you were Yijung, oh gosh, Hav you guys seen the new pics of Kim Bum in dream??!!the hair style………………..)
Kim So Eun: First of all, I would like to thank you for supporting me. Because my supporters suddenly become so many, I know I need to work harder. Therefore, I will try my best to show the best side of me!

Q:What is the most interesting thing during working?

Kim Bum: When people are happy and touching through my acting, I will feel satisfied. Then I realized that I can give people hope and happiness through my acting, this is the most meaningful thing. (Kathy, the translator: what??? I think they were asking the most interesting thing, why did you answer the most meaningful thing??? Do they have the same meaning in Korean? Well, I don’t know, you guys find out yourselves. Lol…)
Kim So Eun: I found the most interesting thing was a lot of people looking at us on the set. I felt very stressful in the full view of people, but also, I am very happy. As an actress, if we can enjoy this kind of attention, I think that is a good thing.

Q:How do you get into a new role?

Kim Bum: I will work hard to get into a role, thinking of the environment about the role, try to make an assumption, such as” try to become that person.”
Kim So Eun: I will analysis the script many times. I am the kind of person who is based on the script and try to get closer to the role. I will also do some research and think about the role’s behavior.

Q:In that case, choose a role which is difficult to play but meaningful.

Kim Bum: Young Dong Chul in ‘east of Eden’. The historical background is in 1960s, Tan Goang village. It is a very sad role, he saw his father’s death which I haven’t got experience in this generation. It is very difficult to play such a role, I felt very stressful but at the same time, it is a very great drama. People all have good comments about the role. As an actor, it is very cheerful.
Kim So Eun: ‘Empress Chun Chu’ is very special to me. I stopped performing when I was in senior2. I had a big break to work on my study in Senior3 in order to get into university. During that break, I was studying, but I wanted to perform. After that, I know I have the passion to be an actress. Therefore, when I got into university, I had the chance to play young Huang Bo Soo in ‘Empress Chun Chu’. I think I learn how to act from the drama and enrich my acting skills.

Q:As a famous new star, it seems you are still afraid of something?

Kim Bum: Actors often change their roles. I am afraid that people cannot accept my new roles. I think that is the difference between what people like the style of a project.
Kim So Eun: I feel that happiness seems more than tiredness. No matter who, if you are doing something you like, you definitely have to pay for it. I am not afraid of being tired. I have strong desire to do things that I want.(Kathy, the translator: ummm.. I suppose she means she is eager to do her favourite things?) Everyone want to have their ideal lives which wont happen the same as your wishes, but you still have to live. And now I can do what I want, I feel happy and I am really a lucky girl.

Q:Is there any role you want to challenge or any actor you admired?

Kim Bum:I like Al Pasino,he seems have the ability to express the feelings of human beings perfectly. As a role who is the belial contacted with an capable lawyer in the movie , I am impressed by how he expressed the dual personality. I personally like villain very much, so i am thinking maybe I can play a role who has dual personality.
Kim So Eun: Ha Ji Won is my example, not only because she is good looking, but also she is confirmed by public with her great acting. I’m eager to be an actress who has the ability to play a diversificate role. My goal is to become an established actress like Naomi Watts in ‘The Painted Veil ‘, that role requests both good acting and the accumulation of life experience.

Q:Do u have any other hobbies apart from acting?

Kim Bum: I like sports, I was a member of a football team at school, and I learned kendo. (Kathy, the translator: I remember that Soeun learned Kendo as well when she was filming Empress Chun Chu. lol…What can I say then??lol….)And I like reading very much, also I enjoy playing games and watching movies.
Kim So Eun:I like reading as well. I think i am those persons who are reading regularly and I like writing diaries.
Dramas limit my imagination, books can help me extend my thought, so i like it very much. Also I like running(lol), horse riding, skating and any other exciting sports. Moreover, I like taking photos, i want to have an office with cafe if i have chance. I hope that if i reach my goal, i will start to learn design which i am interested since I was young.

Q: You two are attending Joongang University in the same Theater and Movie major, and had a lot of interactions in dramas and CFs. What do you think of one another?

Kim Bum: I’ve known Soeun for about a year, and whenever I see her at school or on the set, she is always bright, greeting others with a smile, which can give other people energy. Because of this, she was able to portray her charisma in her roles.
Kim So Eun: He is a really hard working friend. I am also the type who hates losing, and Bummie is very strict on himself and seems to tries his best and not rest. This is an image of a very fine actor. (Kathy, the translator: I think Soeun said beautiful actor?? But well, I agree with Heroine.Mei, I suppose she means great actor. This question belongs to Heroine.Mei, I wont be bothered to translate again.)

Q:As an actor/actress, what is your future plan?

Kim Bum: As the acting way is very long, I think it is just a start now. Like marathon, it has total length of 42.194km.I have run less than five kilometers. You can hear the cheering in many places, but you have to continue to run on your own. To use some power to adapt other competitors or supporters, and finally the most important thing is I myself never shake my will. Therefore, I don’t think I will be super happy because of the popularity. I think it is just a start and I have many roles which I haven’t played before. All the things should be the same as I first did it!
Kim So Eun: No matter actor/actress or stars are all good, I can say that I would like to have the way which is known as an actress. If I can be called as an actress, the popularity may not last very long, but that doesn’t matter. However, be famous of my acting, I prefer the added value which is accompanied by acting. I think I will use my original passion and feelings to perform and do my best.

Thanks to Kathy at Soeun-angels.com for the time to do the translation.

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