Kang Ji Hwan, 2NE1, [News]FT Island, 2PM, and Cha Ye Ryun Cameo on Style

source: my daily
Translations: drmabeans

Kang’s appearance comes about through his relationship with the director, Oh Jong-rok, who directed him several years ago in the tearjerker drama series 90 Days’ Time to Love. He is also slated to appear alongside Style lead Lee Jia in the telecinema project, which airs on SBS this fall, so his appearance here is in support of both.

Kang explained taking on the part: “Style is a fun drama and I was going to visit the set in support of the director, but he suggested, ‘If you’re going to come, you should appear in it too.’ That’s how it came about. It’s a party scene, so I had fun filming it.”

The scene takes place as Kang’s actor character attends a party celebrating Style magazine’s 200th issue, which doubles as the inaugural party for editor Park Ki-ja (Kim Hye-soo). The scene will take place in Episode 6, which broadcasts August 16.

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