[message] Message from Son JaeHee's Dad to Leeteuk

*Message was posted on Teuki’s fansite ^^ Read it inside this post!

I am Son Jaehee’s Dad.

I came after sending Jaehee back.
As I couldn’t greet you properly.. I will humbly meet you like this.

Leeteuk ssi left really nice memories in Jaehee’s mind.

There are numerous remembrances. While preparing for the program Star King ,, Leeteuk ssi came to the hospital later ..
While coming around for a little .. I showed pictures of Leeteuk ssi smiling by Jaehee’s side at that time.

It is a memory no one will ever forget.
He’s a person who created very special memories and reminiscences for Jaehee.

Thank you so much. I wish that amidst all of the world’s words there was one which could truly express my heart.
After sending Jaehee back, I sent a message to Leeteuk ssi.

Not long after came a reply.
I heard from him such a heartfel reply, with words of condolescences … and he said that Jaehee went to a better place.
You are really a good person. I .. can recognize it in people.
It’s true that he’s still a child compared to me, but he is a person with a big heart and feelings.
The members of the fanclub who recognize such a good person .. are good people too.
Thank You.
Thank you once more and .. on behalf of Jaehee, on behalf of our family
Words of gratitude now and forever .. will leave with good memories.

We will not forget it.

ps …while editing the entry I have something else to say …

This place .. do you know the reason for coming to this place with fans of Leeteuk ssi ?
It’s a consolation and it provides me comfort. In the future too, I will be together with all of you, always.


Dear Jaehee... Hope you feel happy and peaceful in heaven...

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  1. SSjunior says:

    Jaehee. rest in peace and Leetuek is a good person,i am so touched.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leeteuk is an angel to everyone.. :)

  3. tina_cute says:

    angel without wings eeteuk....

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